Vault of Episodes

October 2022

Hanging with the Hosts – Gaming Podcast

Gaming hosts Paul, Michael and Josh are back with another awesome Bonus Round gaming episode. This week we dive into listener questions in an AMA style episode. Want to know Josh’s most embarrassing moment? What game made us emotional? What game made us rage break a controller […]

Gaming Quick Takes: Monkey Island

From gaming hosts Paul, Michael and Josh, we’re bringing you even more gaming content each week.  Gaming Quick Takes are a short series of game recommendations, funny moments, off-topic chat and more. A small dose of gaming to brighten your Saturdays!

Thanks to our LEGENDARY supporters: […]

October 2021

Bonus Round: Game Demo Extravaganza – Gaming Podcast

Gaming hosts Paul and Josh are back with a brand new Bonus Round! Steam Next Fest is over, but we tried out a LOT of demo’s and we’re sharing some of the more memorable ones with our gaming listeners. From scary to humorous, we tried a plethora […]

September 2021

Bonus Round: The Quote Me Game – Gaming Podcast

Gaming hosts Paul and Josh are back with a brand new Bonus Round! This week we try something our listeners put together. Various quotes taken from throughout our gaming podcast, we try to remember who said it, why and what episode it was from. A great trip […]

Deep Dive: Monster Hunter World – Gaming Podcast

Gaming monster hunters Paul and Josh are back with another incredible gaming deep dive episode. It may be a case of better late than never, but we’re diving into Monster Hunter World. Nominated by RangerMiller we’re slaughtering innocent beasts in the Monster Hunter world and giving our […]