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November 2022

God of War: Ragnarok – Gaming Podcast

Gaming Norns Michael, Josh and Paul are here with an incredible breakdown of God of War: Ragnarok. Gaming’s latest mega-release got a lot of praise, but is it truly the gaming experience God of War is known for? We dive into the gameplay, story, combat and more […]

Game Award Nominees, Warzone 2.0 and Witcher 3 – Gaming Podcast

Gaming hosts Josh, Paul and Michael are back with This Week in Gaming. All the gaming news you need to know, delivered straight to your ears every week. This week we cover the Game Award Nominees, Warzone 2.0 release and the long awaited Witcher 3 update. Video […]

The Video Game Olympics – Gaming Podcast

Gaming olympians Paul, Michael and Josh are back with another hilarious Bonus Round. This week we draft gaming characters for olympic events. The only problem is, we don’t know which events our gaming champions will actually be in. It’s hilarious, competitive and entertaining and you don’t want […]

Quick Takes: Top 5 Fast Food Breakfasts

From gaming hosts Paul, Michael and Josh, we’re bringing you even more gaming content each week.  Gaming Quick Takes are a short series of game recommendations, funny moments, off-topic chat and more. A small dose of gaming to brighten your Saturdays!

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Gotham Knights – Gaming Podcast

Gaming sidekicks Michael, Josh and Paul are swinging into your ear holes with our latest gaming Deep Dive of Gotham Knights. Recently released to mediocre gaming reviews, we soar over Gotham to tell you whether this game is worth your time as a hero, or if it’s […]

A Decade of Gaming – Gaming Podcast

Gaming hosts Paul, Michael and Josh are breaking down an entire decade of gaming in this absolutely can’t miss episode. 2010-2019 saw the emergence of some of the best video games ever, advancement of gaming consoles, gaming technology and more. We break it all down in the […]